Why I love RDCMan – Remote Desktop Connection Manager

OK. I’ve been using this software now for a few weeks and just had to let everyone know how cool this is. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • The number 1 thing by far is the fact that you can now sort the server connections. With a drag and drop you can rearrange things like you like to work
  • Right after that the fact that you can now create groups and can inherit the properties for security and other features from this group settings. It makes logical grouping a super handy feature. The login to the group and disconnect from the group is just a nice touch. Logging off the group really only works in W2K8 servers from what I can tell now but normally I’m disconnecting anyways.
  • Docking and undocking is nice to have occasionally and now that it exists I can see myself using more and more with dual monitors. A nice touch was that the screen shows {undocked} when its over on another window when you forget or its buried; that came in handy once or twice already.
  • The Task manager shows the server you are attached to. Now its a small thing to update the Title of the window the server name but its VERY convenient and a small touch that is awesome.
  • I find this version of “Remote Desktops” is very robust as well, and the yellow icon that shows while its attempting to connect to a server is a real nice touch.

What I’d like to see improved? Well, I feel bad even saying this because I’ve gained SO MUCH…..but for completeness I’ll throw it out there…

  • Save As versus Save All. It seems like some things aren’t saved in the Save All. For example the size of the split screen between the tree and the server sessions. With a Save As you can get that saved but not with the Save All.
  • Maximized. I’m not sure why but if you close the app while its maximized next time you come in it does not restore maximized. Since that’s all I ever want to use when I use the application I wish it would remember that one setting.

Well according to the Help About I owe a million thanks for an excellent product to Julian Burger!! THANKS.


Here’s the link, go get it now, hurry.

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