Windows 8.1 swapping out the boot c: drive for a bigger disk PART 2

These guys show how easy it is…butter….unless it doesn’t work.

basically I backed up to my windows microserver then using the windows 8.1 media booted up to repair and restore from a network drive share.

My problem is that I keep getting a parameter error on the restore. Strange but I just can’t get past it no matter what I do. Terrible.

Search text” windows 8.1 re-image parameter error0x80070057”


Paul’s article was interesting too but no luck there since it basically does the same thing as above.

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Windows 8.1 swapping out the boot c: drive for a bigger disk

OK. The Windows software RAID didn’t work. It changed my disk to dynamic, sync’d up to mirror with it and then couldn’t boot from it.

Needed a basic disk to boot from and this disk had to be a dynamic one to mirror. Not sure what the deal is but rather than waste time I went the bare metal restore




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Triathlon timings

  Total Swim Bike Run
2009 3:26 41:06 1:30 1:01
2010 3:34 40:32 1:24 1:12
2011 3:41 50:24 1:27 1:03
2012 3:28 40:07 1:28 1:01
2013 3:43 42:31 1:26 1:16
2014 3:34 42:08 1:23 1:09
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Manneken Pis

Ok. This is just too funny. Never had I heard about this guy until today.

Matt saw him in his home in Brussels apparently so I thought I was the only one in the dark. Turns out its 50-50 at the office.

Great story though.

File:Hamamatsucho 20030913.JPG

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OAuth Primer

The following flow allows a user access to use a 3rd party protected resource (twitter api for example) with your app.
*If you want to simply use a twitter login to access your site that’s a different flow.


To follow along the process use this simple guide to get started. Also stackoverflow has a great walkthrough here too that is referenced in this same guide.

Table 1: OAuthProviders

Column Name Sample Parameters
ServiceName twitter  
ConsumerKey abc_from_twitter  
ConsumerSecret def_from_twitter  
IN key+secret
request token
request token in url
pin (manual)
request token+
access token+secret


Table 2: OAuthAccessTokens



Table 3: OAuthTempRequestTokens





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Nokia Lumia 1020

This is a post to try and sort through what I’m thinking after using a great cheap phone (521) for almost a year now and then a few days using a top of the line phone (1020).

Caveat: It’s only been a few days now with the new phone. I got it last Friday evening and have used it now for 2 full business days.

The 521 is a $100 phone while the 1020 is a $600 phone.
Is the camera alone worth it? Is the sum of all the parts worth it?

Nice to have
– screen is crystal clear and gorgeous. Yes the 521 screen is good so this is just luxury.
– response is snappier in IE and in Skype. Apart from that not really. This makes it a nice to have and not a requirement. I do want to add that Skype is a horrible client. It’s  bearable on the 1020 but extremely frustratingly slow on the 521
– 2 GB of RAM instead of 512 MB. I know of a few apps that need more than 512MB (a few games, socl) but I don’t care as those ones are not a showstopper.

-cameras. here’s where you have to look at the $500 price differential. That’s a lot for a portable camera so you have to really want to get great pictures to justify. For me I think the camera capabilities are important but $500 is a stretch. However when you compare to the Eileen’s phone the 925 it’s a bargain because I think I spent the same price for her phone. The 1020 with the Nokia camera application blows other high end phones out of the water. The xeon flash, higher resolution and that camera case make it a winner.

Also, if you skype you can live without the front camera but when you get the front camera you’ll love it. Two cameras is a nice win.

Also the flashes make a big difference. The 521 doesn’t even have a flash so its really not great in low light at all making it great in a pinch but not pictures being a central functionality. Of course, crappy pictures are not something you want when trying to capture your most pics of your most valuable assets, your kids.

-if you drop the 521 who cares; the 1020 not so much. Both can survive drops as they are both very solid (521 is shell and breaks apart but survives compared to brick that is 1020 that dents the floor). Both solid its just that when you drop the 1020 you hold your breath.
– no wifi calling yet since t-mobile doesn’t support it. The answer is to have the 521 around which of course is what I’ll do for trips to Canada. This is a pain since I only have one SIM card.


I don’t think all the “nice to haves” necessarily add up to the reason for spending the extra money. However, the cameras  do make this phone a piece of hardware that is worth the premium cost. The fact that this technology available is amazing; the cameras the flashes and all the trimmings makes this an easy decision: yes this is the right one.

Life is short, go for it.

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Microsoft Surface (client) to Windows Server 2012 Essentials (server)

We log into our Surface RT/Pro using Microsoft accounts.

Is there a way to save credentials so that you can access Windows Server 2012 Essential resources such as file and print sharing without being prompted for credentials?

Goal: access a printer from RT/Pro using Microsoft accounts only and not domain account.


I want to do the opposite of this article:
Connect a Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID) to Your Domain Account

Instead I want to login with my Windows live ID and have it have permissions on my network to print to a shared printer on my Windows 2012 essentials server.


This is close:

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